End of Forbes – Finally

Well, I have finally a few minutes to myself. No work, no play…just lazing around in bed on australia day morning. After 3 weeks off for Christmas and the Forbes comp, I appreciate every day off I can get now! But we must work sometimes I guess, so I pay pay for my next trips to Europe in the summer!

Task 8 – NW to Skulls, East to Yeoval and South to Cumnoc – 183kms

Wow, looking back, these tasks were long! At the time, you think it’s normal, but when I tell people (non flying types) that we had these long tasks, they almost can’t believe it! One person I spoke to the other day could not believe we stayed in the air that long …without stopping! There’s no stopping mate. When you’re down – you’re down :) Of course it would be nice if you had someone following you with a winch so that if you landed you could be towed back up again and continue the task. I wonder would they ever allow that rule ;)

Back to the task. This was my favouite comp day. It seemed like a difficult task day and the results showed it was…only 7 or so made goal. But hepas ALMOST made it in. I was 60kms short but I was so happy with that because it was an interesting flying day, and I learned some things.

I flew really well at the start, no keeping up with everyone but gliding as well as I could and thermalling well. I was not far behind Corinna, only 2 kms or so. Even tho I got a late tow from the back of the line.  Turns out my tow timing was perfect. I started 15 minutes after the first start clock.

Before I flew I thought may I might make it to the 1st turnpoint. After an hour in the air I couldn’t believe how much confidence I was gaining minute by minute. Thermals everywhere, I seemed to be able to find the cores. Markers out front, so I was racing racing to the next thermal, picking good lines.

Then about 10kms from the 1st I am not sure what happened, perhaps I hesitated too long in a thermal, picked the wrong direction….anyway I lost my way, got low and this is where Corinna and Steve B (My teammates) started to get ahead of me. They were at Trundle already and I was still floundering.

So I struggled in shit and it pretty much remained that way until I landed. From a booming first 40 km it seemed like the nice weather just decided to go to bed early, and I was too far back to make it around the course.

Had some low saves and persisted as long as there was daylight so I was happy. My best landing of the comp.

Task 8 РSW to Marsden, North to Yarrabandai, SE to Forbes  Р169km perfect triangle for the last day

Not much to say here. I had a weaklink break on tow. The tug seemed to stay on the ground forever. Anyway, I decided I had had enough flying and wanted to go to relax :) Ah well, sometimes you just got to do what your head tells you to. Of course I would not do this in a Worlds comp, but after many hours of flying I was happy enough.


1. Rohan Holtcamp

2. Atilla Bertok

3. Scott Barrett

A great effort from these guys in a good field and some hard tasks. Well deserved!



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