My Yummy Rx3

The first time I flew my new Moyes RX3 was in the middle of a booming Forbes afternoon. My first flight since breaking my arm in Canungra.

I guess I was a bit nervous about how it would go in my new rocket machine :/

I didn’t need to worry :)

I truly believe the RX is the perfect glider for me. I weight about 54kgs, I hook in at about 70kgs, so my weight is perfect for the size glider. I can handle the span, it thermals so well. In essense it feel just like my Litesport 3 handling wise, maybe a little spannier, but after a few hours I hardly noticed any difference.

Not ONCE in the strong Forbes conditions, even on full VG, did I get scared or believe I was out totally out of control. Except for one instance in a very low shitty thermal, I felt in complete control the whole time. That’s a nice feeling.

The VG is harder to pull on to full, and my arms does not have full strength yet so this was a bit difficult, but besides that I have found nothing to complain about.

I don’t want any other glider, this is it for me!

Corrinna flying my lovely machine in Stanwell

Corinna flew my glider at Stanwell and loved it, she says it perfectly straight and handles beautifully. We are in love !!



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