Had a fantastically chilled weekend with Jamie, Glen and Dave in Corryong.

Lots of chats, food, sunshine and of course 3 days of flying bliss.

With the hill all to ourselves (how did that happen??) we setup nice and leisurely, no rush, no set times. We took in the amazing valley views while having some lunch. When the wind was good and the thermals started over launch we headed off. Got a few cheeky flights in. I didn’t make any crazy distances and sometimes the air was really tough (think of me grunting “arrghhhh’ trying to make the glider go the way I wanted it to!) but I was just grateful to be back in amongst it all. Lots of learning.

Sometimes it still really astounds me how we can start off with this….a few pieces of carbon and aluminium, some sail cloth and a little control frame…

And end up here…

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