Roof Leak

What are the Common Causes of Roof Leak? 

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One of the things we have to go through at least once in our lives is our leaking roof. If the main root of the problem is not discovered and repaired, it can turn into a bigger one in the future. Pinpointing where the leak is coming from is difficult since the water travel outwards from that point. If you’re experiencing leaks even the smallest ones, don’t forget to call roofing companies Columbia SC and ask for assistance.  

Roof Leak


The buildup of debris like pine needles, leaves and twigs can clog the water runner. It will trap the water against the roof. The trapped water then seeps into the capillary action. You can prevent this from happening by making sure that the roof is clean. With the complete tools, you can do this task by yourself. You can also keep off tree branches from falling off your roof by trimming them.  


Roofing materials have a long life expectancy, it’s usually 15-30 years depending on the material. However, it might be reduced because of the elements it’s exposed to. It will deteriorate over time, especially if you’re not conducting regular check-ups and maintenance. As the materials age, they become less effective at protecting the house from water and moisture. Harsh weather conditions and changes in temperature can cause the materials to crack and brittle over time. Once exposed to too much sunlight, the tar that seals the shingles can melt too.  


Another cause of roof leak is a shallow slope. A shallow slope can life the shingles, and this will drive the rainwater underneath. This is the reason why you should work with a roofing professional so you will have the accurate roof pitch for the appropriate roofing material.  


Your roofing system has a flashing, and its job is to seal the roof transitions where the water runs down and where absorption will likely to happen. The flashing is placed where the chimney penetrates the roof, the roof joins a dormer and around the skylight’s edges. If the caulk dries up or nails are missing, the flashing may slide out of place.  

Excess Moisture 

One of the obvious causes of roof leak is excess moisture. Once the water is drained too much on the lower section of the roof, it will lead to saturation and then leaks. Next time, make sure that the downspout is extended down to the ground or next to the gutter.  

Missing Shingles 

The weather is not perfect, that’s why there should be a roof to protect us. Once in a while we experience strong winds, and it can rip off the shingles and expose an area of your roof. You know then what happens next time once it rains hard. So, make sure that you check on your roof once in a while to see if you’ve got missing shingles or not.  

Those are some of the causes of leaks. We advise you to conduct a regular check-up on your roof so you’re sure that it’s on its top working condition.  

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